Griechische Welle Wien
(“Greek Wave Vienna”)

supporting people in need in Greece


Greece, a very popular tourist destination in the midst of Europe, has been suffering heavily under the austerity program and economic reforms imposed by the EU. Large amounts of people have lost the ability to earn a livelihood, many have lost their homes, many no longer have access to healthcare. We want to help these people.

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AMEA – Home for people with special needs – Chania

This centre supports sick people as well as people with additional needs as inpatients but also offers assistance in people's
homes to ensure that they can remain in their usual social environment as long as possible.

In December we supported AMEA with EUR 1.000,00 for urgently required medical equipment.

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ATAXTOI – a charity founded in 2013 – receives our support to provide assistance to families in need. 157 families were taken care of in 2016.


ATAXTOI has received approximately 160 kg of stationary supplies for pupils at the start of the academic semester this year.

For the purchase of 20 heaters ATAXTOI has received EUR 500,00 at the beginning of December.

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The charity ATAXTOI has promptly provided Agrinio with emergency supplies (clean water, non-perishable foods, blankets etc) after the recent heavy rains, mudslides, and floods.

ATAXTOI has received EUR 1.000,00 at the start of December for the 2nd and 3rd shipment of emergency supplies.


We organise a large variety of different events all through the year and you are more than welcome to join us. Below you can find a list of events we have planned for the near future. For more information simply click onto the event.

Required items / Donations

We currently require the following items for our ongoing projects (whenever possible we try to purchase required items directly in Greece. This helps us to reduce the cost of transportation and also allows us to support the local economy. We have local members and coordinators in Greece who purchase these items as required) :

Bandages, pads, plasters, swabs, orthopaedic casts, surgical face masks, disposable and surgical gloves, syringes 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, needles, Venflon Cannulas, butterfly stitches / Steristrips, suture kits, infusion kits, surgical equipment (scalpels, scissors. forceps, surgical instrument kits), blood pressure monitors and cuffs, blood glucose meters, stethoscopes, thermometers, medical grade hand gel sanitizers, Sanitizing Alcohol Swabs/ prep pads, baby food, baby nappies, wet wipes, adult incontinence pads, nappies and pull up pants, crutches, splints, neck braces

We are happy to receive donations at any of our events.


Our team is one entity, one wave. Each of us a mere droplet of water, but the more we are, the more we grow, the bigger the wave of help will be.

Board of Directors


retired social worker, psychotherapist, voluntary paramedic and assistant at the crisis intervention team for the Red Cross.

REINHILDE DIGRUBER - assistant chairman

Cash Management. I feel very passionate about giving something back to the people suffering in Greece, after having spent so many years visiting this beautiful country and experiencing the unrevealed and limitless hospitality of the Greek people.

DANIELA WILDAM - treasurer

It is of utmost concern to me to help the socially disadvantaged people in Greece and I hope that we will manage to achieve this with the “Griechische Welle Wien” (“Greek Wave Vienna”)

WALTRAUD WENKO – assistant treasurer

retired bank employee. I have seen with my own eyes the suffering imposed on the Greek people by the EU's austerity program.


I am very happy to be a member of the charity “Griechische Welle Wien” and to be able to hopefully mitigate the suffering in Greece together with my colleagues.

ULRIKE HAGEN – assistant secretary

I have worked many years in a General Practicioner's surgery. Each small donation, every bit of support helps these people – together we are strong and we can achieve a lot.

ELISABETH PÖLZLBAUER – event management


PETER DAURER, dob. 1961 – assistant auditor

It is incredible how much suffering has been bestowed upon the Greek people. I cannot simply stand by, I feel I have to help, either as an individual or part of this Team

USCHI DAURER, dob. 1968 – event management

It saddens me from the bottom of my heart to see how the Greek people are being treated, something has to be done. Being part of the team of “Griechische Welle Wien” is giving me the best chance to do something for them.


He is our link to the Greek community of Vienne and the captain of our Greek football team. I want to support the “Griechische Welle Wien”, because I want to help socially disadvantaged people and I want to bring hope to my fellow compatriots. I am filled with pride to see how many people in Austria are willing to help.

FRITZ WINDISCH, dob. 1954 – warehouse keeper and apothecary

Let’s turn the “Griechische Welle Wien” into a giant storm surge and let’s help our fellow European citizens, who have found themselves, often through no fault of their own, in precarious situations.


I want to give something back and help. Do I need more reasons?

Dr. SAMARA KORNFELD, dob. 1963 – General Practitioner, MA24

My motto in life is: respect and appreciate each other, then living together should be easy.

CHRISTOS CHRISTAKIS – Link to the Greek community in Vienna

WALTER KIRCHMAIR – co-ordinator for the pharma industry and pharmacies.

Members in Greece

KLAUDIA KOUMADORAKI-LEOPOLDSEDER, dob. 1966 – co-ordinator for western Crete

It is impossible to “quickly save the world”, but very often a simple drop can change the moment.

CHARLOTTE FRANDZESKAKIS – co-ordinator Crete/Rethymnon

I am very happy and proud to be able to assist and support the afflicted community members of Rethymnon through my work as link between the “Griechische Welle Wien” and the social institutions, who transfer private donations.

DORIS RINGSEIS – co-ordinator central Crete

Consultants and team members

Dr. GÜNTER KORNFELD, dob. 1958 – specialist in internal medicine, Vienna

Solidarity with people in need and respect for human dignity is part of personal dignity.

Dr. Franz KIENESBERGER – Lawyer, author


Without the generous donations from our sponsors, the personal input of our voluntary helpers would not lead to the desired results.
We wouldn't be able to accomplish our projects, without the financial support and donated items. We would like to take this opportunity
to thank all our sponsors for their contributions and their trust in us.


Griechische Welle Wien
We support people in need in Greece

By mail: info[at]

By post: Griechische Welle Wien
c/o Peter Windsberger
Fuchsgasse 8, 2201 Gerasdorf / Vienna

Chairman: Peter Windsberger, phone: 0043 664 1856684
Assistant Chairman: Reinhilde Digruber, phone: 0043 699 14893789

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Kontonummer: Erste Bank
IBAN: AT74 2011 1837 8508 2000

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